Case Studies - Case Studies


Our client was one of  petrochemical companies in Indonesia, established since 1997, sometimes ago they came to us with the inquiry of how to retain their good employee and make them hard “to be hijacked” ? They were curently having problem with high TURN OVER and difficulty in RETAINING their “Key Person”.


How the company be able to do the RIGHT RETAINING PROGRAM in order to keep their good key persons to stay.They were competing with foreign petrochemical companies who were ready to pay in higher dollars to their existing key persons. How to cope with this situation ?

Our client must have a lot of difficulty if they had to raise the compensation & benefit in order to compete with foreign company. It’s hard for them to do that way.

They came to us to get some advise about how to implement TALENT MANAGEMENT program in this setting & context.


Soon we did review their compensation & benefit policy, understood their setting & context properly. We observed the social values & culture surrounded area, reviewed their CSR poly & implementation so far. We tried to collect all information needed to set a Good Retaining Program.

Their community policy were:

  1. Care and build good relationship.
  2. Establish good image and reputation.

Based on our evaluation & observation in their situation & condition, we concluded as follows:

  1. Most of the key persons that usually easy to be hijacked is male or the head of family (bread winner).
  2. Family influence (spouse and children) gave a very strong influence to the head of family whether to accept or reject the offer to work abroad, since they were the one who will get the impact cause of the decision.

Therefore we designed a holistic approach to implement a retaining program as follows:

  1. Design & implement a series of program about how to enhance a quality relationship between couple (husband & wife), attendants were employee & spouse. We conducted a lot of family seminars, several topics about what & how to manage a quality family.
  2. Design & implement a series of program to develop the children of employees. We conducted assessment to evaluate and understand the children’s potential, communication skills to interact with parents.

The purpose of both programs were not only to build corporate image but also to develop their employees. The employees enjoyed not only technical training but also enhancement of their quality relationship. The employee felt the company was very care to them, their family were very happy.


After implemented for several times, the turn over rate was slowing down. It has been built up positive values among the employees, they feel the company do care the employees’ welfare, not only material but also psychologically.

The employees loyalty was built up, the role of spouse and children to influence their bread winner to stay because they felel comfort and happy with the company. A closer relationship between management and the employee even with their family has been established.

But as a final tip for us, all programs like this needs a very strong commitment and consistency from top management, enhancement of program quality depends on how big the company want to invest further to develop the welfare of the employee holistically.