a.       Placement & Selection Services

This psychological assessment service will help you to get the right & suitable candidate accordance with your inquiry. We serve you with a full range report in order to give you a better choice.


b.      Assessment Center Services

This comprehensive assessment service is utilizing “Assessment Center” method. It will help you to get & select the star employee from your employee’s pool, to do internal promotion, Talent Development Program. This service could be equiped with the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that will help you to identify the root of your company’s problem.


c.       Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

This program will help you to explore and identify the internal company’s problem by using one-on-one counseling method. It will be executed by an experienced consultant & psychologist team to find out the root of the problem confidentially.


d.      Recruitment Services

This service will help you to do an executive searching for managerial level & top executive. We will provide you with an effective searching, fast & accurate.


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a.    Total Solution of HR Consultancy

This consultation service will help you to develop your human resources management comprehensively by utilizing 8 pillars of human resources. We are ready to assist you by giving a thorough consultation and total solution of HR for your company.


b.      Benchmarking Service 

We provide a BENCHMARKING SERVICE for you to accelerate & improve the quality of RECRUITMENT PROCESS. This program will help you to have a benchmark profile for every position in the company.


c.       Business Coaching 

We provide an executive business coaching services for you in developing a new business or want to reduce costs and multiply sales of an existing business, we are also ready to help you to convert a family business into professional one. We are ready to become your DISCovery partner to move forward with you ahead.


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Indoor Training

a.      Behavior Intelligence Management

A highly effective training for all levels of your employees, participants will experience their own change to be a successful individual, through the four quadrants of behavior intelligence. This program will change the paradigm of the participants and transform them to have a purpose driven life.

b.      Behavior based Soft Skills Training

We provide various in-house training to develop your soft skills by utilizing behavior based principle.

c.       All about CSR

We provide training that will equip knowledge about the importance of CSR: From A-Z to develop Corporate Social Responsibility, how to deliver CSR within the company and learn from the practicioner how to experience it.

d.      Behavior based Motivational Training

We are ready to deliver PARADIGM SHIFTING training program that will give a new inspiration to you. It will boost your motivation and enhance team’s motivation to achieve target.

e.      Executive Team Engagement

This in-house training to build TEAMWORK and enhance TEAM SPIRIT. By understanding the uniqueness of human being (behavior based), communication styles, managing conflict will help you to establish a dynamic TEAM and ready to grow together.

f.        Customized Training

Every company is unique and different, so that the training and development programs should be designed uniquely (customized and specific for every company). We are ready to conduct a training needs analysis (TNA) together with you to give the right modules and delivered just for you.


Out door Training

a.     Behavior Intelligence Camp

This training will help you to boost behavior intelligence of your leader and be able to enhance your frontliner’s performance to achieve success.


b.      Dynamic Team Building

This training is beneficial to help you in developing team engagement, and very effective in bonding a new group, encourage teamwork in change of team member or new leader replacement. This training will strengthen spirit of engagement and can be customized according to your needs.


c.       Leadership Development Camp

This exclusive leadership development program is wrapped up creatively with the choice of outdoor or outbound activities according to your needs.


d.      DISCovery Corporate Gathering

 When your employee need a refreshing & gathering moment, this corporate gathering will become an option to be chosen. This gathering will not only give you a learning session but also a great togetherness among your employees.



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Workshop & Seminar

Behavior Based Selling Skills
How to Multiply Your Sales by Boosting  Your Behavior Intelligence

This seminar will boost behavior intelligence and success of your sales person in doing effective selling, they will learn how to utilize behavior based approach to multiply their sales. This seminar will equip them in doing up-selling, cross selling and optimizing sales result with behavior based approach (DISC method).

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Behavior Based Interview for Auditor
Enhanching Interview and People Skills

This one day seminar is a soft skill development program for your audit team in enhancing their people skills. This will help and boost their communication skill and capabilities in building relationship faster between auditor and auditee, multiplying their skill to build rapport, learning about basic technique how to do effective interview in a positive way by understanding the uniqueness of self and others (Behavior Based Approach).

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Behavior Intelligence Management
Boosting Your Behavior Intelligence to Achieve Peak Performance

This two days workshop will help all participants about how important to enhance behavior Intelligence, this will be effective to be attended by all level of your employees, they will have a self experiencce session in their life and becoming a success person. This workshop will change the participants’ perception & paradigm by understanding their strengths and limitations, manage it, deal with other’s and live by embracing a positive impact to others – having a purpose driven life.

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Behavior Based Coaching and Counseling
Understanding Behavior Enhancing Coaching Skills

This two days workshop will boost coaching & counseling skills of your leaders, they will understand and consider how importance behavior aspect in implementing it. This workshop will teach all the participants to observe the positive side of coachee then improve it by an effective coaching process, assist subordinates to develop their potential through behavior based counseling and finally improve their behavior intelligence.

Success of a leader in maximizing their subordinates’ potential will determine a continuous productivity and sustainability growth of the company. Every participants will learn how to apply the 4 quadrants of behavior intelligence in coaching & counseling.

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