Leadership Assessment

This Leadership Profile Assessment uses three assessments, namely: DISC, TEAMS Profile and VALUES Style. This assessment is designed to explore the profile of self or leader by identifying our potential as leader, leadership styles, and hidden motivators. The results of this assessment can be used to develop careers and businesses. This Leadership Assessment is continuously being developed by IML, USA.

The DISC assessment is designed to help us identify and understand more about ourselves. Recognizing the DISC type will help us improve our communication skills and develop our People Skills. Then, the TEAMS Profile is used to understand the leadership role that suits you and how to lead a team or business with your profile. Meanwhile, by knowing hidden motivators we can understand how to motivate ourselves for long-term self-development.

The assessment is carried out online through our website with a token (keycode) system. 1 keycode is used for 1 person for 1 test. Assessment results can be downloaded immediately in PDF format after completing the test.

If you want to take this Leadership Assessment please contact us via email by clicking “Contact Us”, or you can contact us via whatsapp by clicking the whatsapp logo in the lower left corner of this page.

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