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DISCOVERY CONSULTANT are committed to develop and train each consultant and trainer as a part of a continuous enhancement to keep up with the changes of knowledge and technology.  To serve that purpose, we make sure that all of our consultants and trainers are:


  • Certified Instructors in their related fields (national and international certifications) – in order to achieve satisfactory service for customers, our team is motivated to acquire certification in their own fields.  An in-depth quality control is always done to enhance innovation and quality development of our service.
  • Expert Teams – by having expert teams, our program is designed to answer client’s requirements. DISCOVERY CONSULTANT is a market oriented company which focuses on providing high-quality programs for professionals.
  • Profoundly and extensively experienced – to ensure that the programs delivered by our consultants and trainers are efficient and effective in finding the true needs of customers.
  • Highly motivated and have strong communication skill – to guarantee the interactivity between team and participants. It will strengthen the stimulations for learning through processes which are called: discovery learning and active-interactive learning.