A Business Consultant and founder of PT. Konsultan Masa Depan, established since 2004. He graduated Cum Laude with IPMI MM – Jakarta and High Distinction from Monash University, Melbourne – Australia, a business practitioner who has more than 30 years in the field of marketing services, trading, property and manufacturing.

He also is a Behavior Coach and experienced Public Speaker in developing leadership, personal development and motivation for many companies and organizations in Indonesia, Australia, Japan and Korea. He is well known as an ENTERTRAINER who is always ready to give inspirational and motivational session focus on behavior based approach and inner motivational development.

He is very concern in building stronger and developing future generation and Indonsian family, accompanied by his wife, Hanny Syumanjaya, who also is a Certified Behavior Analyst, both of them have written books: “Family DISCovery way” – Family Quality Management Workbook and “Just for PARENTS” – A must reading book for Parents and Educators. Both are main consultant of Family DISCovery – the first and most comprehensive family consultant in Indonesia, they give a comprehensive service for family. Bambang Syumanjaya often says that “IQ can make us recruited, EQ can make us promoted but behavior intelligence can make us success”, that’s why he wrote his new book “Boosting your Behavior Intelligence” will become the inspiration to achieve our success.