Sanford Kulkin, Ph.D

Founder Institute for Motivational Living, Inc. & Peoplekeys, USA

Bambang is a man of integrity who uses the behavior principle in his everyday dealings with the people around him. Bambang has been an inspiration to myself personally, for his passion and commitment to making the world a little better place.

James Gwee

Indonesia’s Favorite Seminar Speaker & Trainer, Indonesia

In my opinion, you have single-handedly increased the entire Indonesia’s awareness about the power, relevance and applicability for DISC in communication and management not only in the office, but more importantly in the family. You and your loving family are a testament to this fact. CONGRATS and any you continue to be a blessing for countless individuals, organizations and families in the years ahead.

Sonny Mandagi

Property Developer & Businessman, Manado

I and my wife have been knowing Pak Bambang & Ibu Hanny, founder & owner of Family DISCovery since almost 7 years ago. sejak hampir 7 tahun lalu. Although we are living out of Jakarta, we often come to see them to consult about family problem starting from husband & wife to children development matters. Pak Bambang & Ibu Hanny are just like our "big brother & big sister" for me & my wife, so that we are very comfortable to consult with them. They are really care about our family. Their approach to the problem is very personal but they treat us very professional.

Thanking you Pak Bambang & Ibu Hanny for all the time you have spent with us and family.


Robert Rolimpandoei

Businessman, Jakarta

Pak Bambang and  Bu Hanny has been our best friend for a long time, both of them becomes our inspiration, they always walk the talk thru their rolemodel in their life. The service of Family DISCovery has been equipping us also, how to build a quality family and to develop our children’s potential. Thanks and all the best.

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