Education DISCovery is always ready to provide tests and psychological assessment services for students, employees and teachers.

a)  Student Selection Test

•  IQ & Personality Test.

A psychological assessment to know description of intelligence aspects and tendency of students’ personality, taking into account learning style and students’ ability to socialize.

Profile of the participants is students, age 5-10 years.

•  IQ, Personality & Students’ Interest Test.

A psychological assessment that will help parents get an idea of intelligence aspects, personality trends and direction of students’ interests.

Profile of the participants is students, age 11-13 years.


b)   Comprehensive Aptitude Assessment

A psychological assessment that will help parents get an idea of intelligence aspects, personality trends and direction of students’ interests. 

Profile of the participants is students, age 14-18 years.

c)   Placement & Selection Test

A psychological assessment to determine potential possessed by prospective employees or teachers, so the school can determine the work field in accordance with theirs intelligence aspects and personalities.

Profile of the participants is employees or teachers, age 18 years and above.





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Consultation on Human Resources Development

Professional consultation to help school creates and develops systems, procedures, and rules to become a professional school.

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Education DISCovery provides effective trainings using the latest methods (Behavior Principles and Mind Technology) which are intended for schools, employees, teachers, parents and students.


Training Modules for Students


a)   Behavior Intelligence Camp

A learning program for students, to understand their uniqueness, through four quadrants of behavioral intelligence. So the participants are able to focus on self development to achieve their dreams.

b)   Leadership Development Camp

A training program for students to develop leadership attitudes

c)   DISCovery Social Science Camp

A very useful program for students with “Experiential Learning”, interacts with social environment directly, so the participants are able to apply what they have learned in school and they can feel the benefit for the environment.

d)   Customized Modules

In addition to the above modules, we also provide training modules that can be customized to the needs of schools or students.


Training modules for Teachers


a)   Teaching & Learning Through Multiple Intelligence – Understanding - Learning - Practicing

A training of teaching technique for teachers that uses the “plural intelligence” optimization which was developed by Howard Gardner in applicative way.

b)   Understanding Your Student’s Behavior – Understanding - Learning - Practicing

Training for teachers to understand and learn about uniqueness of each individual based on types of behavior. So that teachers can improve communication skills and motivate each student more effectively.

c)   BIG MAC – A Quantum Teaching Based Approach Training

A training of teaching technique for teachers with the latest method that focuses on student development in creativity & innovation skills, critical thinking & problem solving skills, communication & collaboration skills.

d)   Behavior Intelligence Management at School

Training for teachers & school’s employees to improve behavioral intelligence through introduction of each individual’s uniqueness then how to manage self limitations and focus on developing students to achieve their full potential and talents.

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Workshop & Seminar

Seminar Workshop Education DISCovery

These seminars can be conducted as a public event as series parent meeting programs or school open house event, so that it can invite great animo of parents and also teach them an applicative topics & give benefit to them. 

This interactive seminars will enhance the image of schools in equipping parents how to motivate their children, identify their potential. It could be useful also to learn together how to solve children & teens’ problems.

Alternatives of seminar and workshop topics for parents as follows:

  • “Achieving true success” – How parenting affects children development.
  • “How to identify and develop children & teens’ potential”.
  • “Parent traps that threatens children development.
  • “How to anticipate attacks of digital world.
  • Understanding about what & why “bully” can attack my children.
  • How to teach sex education at eraly stage for your children?
  • Special modules that can be customized to fulfill the needs of your school.


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