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Just for Parents 3D

MENINGKATKAN KECERDASAN PERILAKU – Utilizing DISC the universal language

This book is thoroughly uncovered about learning DISC alone is not enough in deepening and recognize one’s motivation. The process of talent management becomes easier and more fun by practicing this principle.
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This book reveal that learning only DISC is NOT ENOUGH, we have to explore further about the importance of TEAMS’ role, identify hidden motivator so that we can embrace NEW LEADER easily from our talent’s pool. Talent management process become easier & more interesting by understanding this principle.

By reading and contemplating this book will help us to:

  • Boost our Behavior Intelligence to achieve Success.
  • Enhance people skills to be more SUCCESSFUL in Career, Family and Life.
  • Learning about behavior science that has been explored and developed aplicatively.
  • Learning about human behavior by utilizing DISC profile, knowing the TEAMS’ role and understanding hidden Motivator.

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