For over 30 years, PeopleKeys has been studying human behavior and applying that knowledge to the development of behavioral profiles, trainings, certifications, and consulting tools. PeopleKeys has developed a state-of-the-art, online, delivery system that provides instant access to the world’s most trusted DISC and behavioral assessment tools from anywhere in the world. Our customizable DISC reports are available in multiple languages and can be used to unlock the potential in people, make informed hiring decisions, increase sales, reduce turnover, improve performance, and much more.

Through your online PeopleKeys Portal, you can design your account to meet your professional needs. The account is brand able, allowing you to change color scheme, images, report cover pages and the layout of the reports themselves. Once purchased, you can re-arrange the order of your report sections, delete unwanted sections, and add static pages to promote your areas of expertise or to promote your company. The portal allows you to create performance benchmarks for hiring, deliver surveys, complete training & certifications courses, and create group graphs for team building. In addition to our online solutions, we offer a number of paper and pencil profiles, seminar packages, and training courses. PeopleKeys consultants and trainers can be requested for business consultation, trainings, and team building events, and are happy to refer those requests to other trainers and consultants in their partner network. Through PeopleKeys, we can help you to Unlock the Potential in People, whether for hiring, team building, leadership training, sales training, conflict resolutions, counseling, business consultation, education, personal development, ministry, or resale.


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