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Understanding Multiple Intelligence

Enhancing Potential to achieve Success

CD Audio about MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE by Howard Gardner

Having children aged 3-12 years old ? Wanting to boost their intelligence ?

Understand their 8 Multiple Intelligences and HOW to train and develop it. Listen this CD Audio. We and our children are UNIQUE individual, there is no CLEVER or STUPID indvidual but we have a certain strength in certain area differently.

Full of practical tips and sample activities to enrich our parenting styles. Stop making mistake by listening this CD audio repeatedly !

Language: Indonesia.

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Product Description

We often confused to fill daily activities of our kids, especially aged 3-12 years old, they tends to play with gadgets, gaming, watch television. We are worry but we don’t know how effectively develop their intellectual potencies.


In this CD audio we are able to learn how to be develop 8 multiple intelligences of our kids by building new habit, playing, learning based on their strongest intelligence they have. The earlier we develop it the stronger their intelligence will be.  


Narator: Bambang Syumanjaya

Length of each tips about 3-5 minutes


Audio files content:

  • 3 keys of success.
  • 8 type of intelligences.
  • Smart in language.
  • Smart in logical mathematic.
  • Smart in spatial.
  • Smart in kinesthetic.
  • Smart in music.
  • Smart in interpersonal.
  • Smart in intrapersonal.
  • Smart in nature.
  • IQ, MIQ and personality.

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