Case Studies - Case Studies


Our client is a trading & logistic company has been established since more than 50 years ago, growing from a family business which having strong value of no gap between owner and the employees. Nowadays has continuously growing become one of a big public listed company in Jakarta.

In line with company development so that the total number of employees tremendously multiplied in this several years, from 300 people becoming more than 1000 people. It is very common in this situation the problem arise, especially between existing and new comer, senior and junior employee.  Jealousy, conflict, insecurity complemented the growth of the company. How this company cope with this situation, therefore they invite us to contribute in managing change and implement alignment between speed of the company and existing employee.


How the company implement a positive CHANGE MANAGEMENT and how to develop existing employees to compete accordance with the company development and they can compete with new comer in positive way.

Our client was still believe that their existing employee has loyalty and suitable fighting spirit to be able cooperate with new employees.

They had come and asked our suggestion how to do a effective CHANGE MANAGEMENT with the given setting & context, and how the company do speed adjustment between company and existing employees.


Soon we came to do some evaluation of their company culture development, understanding setting & context in current situation. We suggested them to conduct a preliminary due diligence to understand about what has been happening in the company based on employee’s point of view.

We suggested them to conduct an Employee Assistance Program (EAP):

Digging existing company problem internally with ONE-ON-ONE COUNSELING methodology, which would be conducted by consultant team and our psychologist team. This method would give security feeling to the employee to share their feeling and opinion about company, top management, direct supervisors, peer objectively.

Review the first batch result of EAP, the client’s top management has been very surprise caused by the fact founded. Herewith the important results that we showed to them:



91% of the employees we have met felt very under-pressure.


78% of the employees felt having problem with Higher Level Management (Board of Director), whom in the first time they were very convinced that their employees didn’t have any problem.

Found in most of the employees felt that human resources, training program, corporate culture were not clear.


The important result got from this EAP were, 53% of the employees in this stage were considering another job, it would be give a great impact to turn over in the future

From this finding, we recommend them to conduct EAP program to all level, so we could reach operator level in every branches to get a holistic overview about the company.

The company has to transform their communication system, restructuring human resources policy according to the recommendation suggested.

The company has to conduct TEAM ENGAGEMENT program  for the whole structure in the company, to enhance teamwork quality and boost motivation in the company.


Finally the client had conducted EAP program periodicly and ha reached the third wave, currently our client has achieved billion dollars revenue, number of employees is more than 1700 people, branches almost in every city of Indonesia. They enjoy a very sustainability growth.

Of course the opportunity of the industry is also support the success of the program, awareness of human resources development to be one of the key success factor for this company to move forawrd and win the competition.

But once again, all programs like this needs a very strong commitment and consistency from top management, enhancement of program quality depends on how big the company want to invest further to develop the welfare of the employee holistically.